10 June 2019

08:00-08:45 Registration
08:45 – 18:00 Sessions

Session 1 (08:45- 10:30)  Opening & Case presentation. Chair: Stewart Kowalski

Introduction of participants (08:45-09:00). Work Group Assignments.

Invited paper (09:00-o9:15) Linking Autopoiesis to Gomeostasis in Socio-Technical Systems. Ilia Bider, Gil Regev and Erik Perjons.

Presentation of the business case (o9:15-09:55) Case of Trapeza. Bjorn Persson
General Q&A on business case (09:55-10:20)

Posters teasers (10:20-10:30) each teaser is 3 min.

  1. Bringing Socio-Technical Security Capabilities to Cyber Range Programs. Bilal Al Sabbagh
  2. Spiraling out in control: A Video Cartesian Dialectic on a Socio-technical Approach to Teaching Privacy Information’s and Cyber Security (PICS). Joakim Kävrestad, Johani Karonen, Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt, Marcus Nohlberg and Stewart Kowalski
  3. A theoretical model for the Virtual Personal Assistant.  Peter Imrie and Peter Bednar

Coffee  Break and Posters (10.30-11:00)

Session 2 (11:00- 12:30) Position papers presentations. Chair: Peter Bednar

Presentations (11:00-12:15) Each presentation is 10 min. All presentes are asked to also prepare a poster for focused discussions at the end of this session and during lunch.

  1. Reviving the Individual in Sociotechnical Systems Thinking. Lars Taxén
  2. Usability: A Core Concept in Socio-Technical Systems Development. Dorina Rajanen and Mikko Rajanen
  3. Organizing in The Age of Digital Product Platforms: The Work of Integrated Vehicle Control Engineers. Charlotte Arghavan Shahlaei, Ulrika Lundh Snis and Dick Stenmark
  4. Special Commando Move” – When Informal, Formal and Technical Cybersecurity Components Fail.  Annika Andreasson and Fredrik Blix
  5. Strategic Planning for Secure Digital Transformation: A Socio-Technical Approach. Martin Koch, Kent Illemann and Daniel Riddarvinge
  6. Quasi-Social: Software as the ‘Social’ in Socio-Technical Design. Mariusz Nowostawski and Christopher Frantz
  7. Three Languages for Urban Mobility – Addressing the 21st Century Urban Mobility System with Information Systems Techniques.  Tristan Stull and Jean-Pierre Kuilboer

Position papers poster discussions (12:15-12:30)

Lunch and Posters(12:30-13:30)

Session 3 (13:30-15:00) Full papers presentations. Chair: Ilia Bider

Presentations (Research, Idea, Experience reports) 10 min. talk + 5 min. questions

  1. Cassandra’s Calling Card: Socio-technical Risk Analysis and Management in Cyber Security Systems. Richard McEvoy and Stewart Kowalski (idea paper)
  2. A Socio-Technical Framework to Improve cyber security training: A Work in Progress. Grethe Østby, Lars Berg, Mazaher Kianpour, Basel Katt and Stewart Kowalski (idea paper)
  3. Creating shared value from collaborative logistics systems: cases of ES3 and FLEXENamchul Shin (reserch paper)
  4. Reconsidering Design Aspects for Socio-Technical Health Care Based on Experiences with an Ethnographical Study of Intensive Home Care. Markus Jelonek and Thomas Herrmann (experiecnce report)
  5. Robotics and quality: a sociomaterial analysis of assembly line. Masood Rangraz and Lena Pareto (experience report)
  6. Action Research on Process Analysis Maps. What does an arrow mean? Paola Mauri (experience report)

Coffee  Break and Posters (15.30-16:00)

Session 4 (16:00 – 17:30) Group work and presentation of business case solutions. Chair: Stewart Kowalski

Group work on the business case  (15:30-16:15 )
Presenting of finding and discussion (16:15-17:00)

Closing session (17:00-17:30). Chair: Stewart Kowalski

Reception in City Hall (19:00-20:30 )

Workshop dinner (21:00-23:00) – tentative